Christ Arose

Christ Arose: Chord Charts, Sheet Music, Multitracks

by Don Chapman

“Christ Arose” has been consistently one of the top 5 most downloaded arrangements on my website. I originally put this classic Easter anthem together back in 2009 for the megachurch I was working for. We were blessed to have an incredibly gifted vocal soloist perfectly suited to deliver those powerful choruses. Here’s a video of the premier on Easter Sunday back in 2009:

Since then, the dramatic build and resolution of “Christ Arose” has made it a go-to opener for Easter Sunday services across the country.

After 15 years, I figured it was time to freshen things up and give this classic hymn a more modern worship band feel. I kept core feel the same but mixed it a little more guitar heavy. The goal here was to streamline things for churches that don’t have a huge roster of musicians. By removing extra string lines and simplifying the overall instrumentation, it’ll be easier for basic worship bands to make this song their own.

It’s so rewarding to see how this simple hymn arrangement has impacted Easter worship over the last decade. I pray these updates inspire a new generation of churches to experience the power and joy of “Christ Arose”!

The History Behind Christ Arose

Robert Lowry pursued many passions in his devoted life, pouring himself into preaching, teaching, and songwriting. Though busy with crafting eloquent sermons, he still found time to nurture his love of music. Lowry did not view his hymns as equal in importance to the spoken word, yet God still inspired his songwriting, blessing the world with classics like “Christ Arose.”

We see through Lowry’s story that grand efforts are not required for God to work through us. In a simple moment of reading scripture, the significance of Christ’s resurrection gripped Lowry in a new way. By putting pen to paper, he created an Easter anthem that would move generations to come. It was not elaborate orchestration, but raw inspiration from the Word that fueled “Christ Arose.”

The takeaway for us is that devoting even scraps of time to God can have an monumental impact. We may feel too small or too busy, but the Lord can take our honest offerings and create something great. By giving Him our full devotion, we allow God to take our efforts and multiply them in ways we cannot fathom. We simply offer what we have, and trust that is enough for Him.

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