Go Tell It On The Mountain sheet music chord charts multitracks

Go Tell It On the Mountain: Chord Charts, Sheet Music, Multitracks

by Don Chapman

Try closing your December worship or Christmas Eve service with my new hopeful arrangement of “Go Tell It On the Mountain!” This mid-tempo version renews our passion for spreading the story of Jesus’ birth. This Christmas classic would be the perfect closing song after a sermon about spreading the Good News at Christmas!

For a powerful Christmas worship set, open with “Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus” to welcome the coming Savior, and close your service with “Go Tell It” to send your church body forth with inspiration to share the Light.

The History Behind Go Tell It On the Mountain

“Go Tell It On the Mountain” has mysterious origins lost to history, but remains a holiday favorite. The song is widely considered an African American spiritual that originated during slavery in the American South before the Civil War. The early lyrics reflect the oppression of slavery with phrases like “When I was a seeker, I sought both night and day.” However, the song looks ahead to deliverance through the birth of Jesus, exclaiming “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere.” The anonymous author skillfully fused the Nativity story with the suffering and hopes of enslaved people longing for freedom.

While shepherds kept their watching
Over silent flocks by night
Behold throughout the heavens
There shone a holy light.

The hymn was likely passed down through generations and variants evolved with additional verses. The song rose to popularity when Fisk University’s Jubilee Singers performed it during their fundraising tours. Today, “Go Tell It” remains a Christmas classic that still rings with hope and joy.

Try Using These Popular Worship Songs With Go Tell It On the Mountain

Mighty to Save proclaims God’s rescuing power and grace, testifying how He transforms all who call upon His name. Like “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” this triumphant Hillsong anthem urges sharing the Good News of our Savior’s mercy and redemption.

Shine is a prayer asking God to light up our lives and make us shine for Him. Its uplifting lyrics echo “Go Tell It’s” call to action, pleading for the Spirit to help us reveal Christ’s glory in the world. This Matt Redman gem asks the Lord to brighten us as we spread the Gospel message.

Light Of The World movingly reflects on Jesus coming as the long-awaited Emmanuel. As “Go Tell It” declares, Christ arrived as light in the darkness to bring hope, just as this tender Lauren Daigle new classic expresses. Pairing these songs creates a powerful set welcoming the incarnate Savior and proclaiming the joyful news of His birth.

Download Sheet Music, Chord Charts and Multitracks for Go Tell It On the Mountain

This Christmas, bridge the gap between timeless hymns and modern worship by leading your congregation with this fresh arrangement of Go Tell It On the Mountain. A Worshiphymns.com subscription provides instant access to everything you need – sheet music, PDF guitar chords charts, ChordPro chord charts, stereo accompaniment track, click track, guide cues and studio-quality, original master recording multitracks – for blended worship with depth.

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