Just As I Am Worshiphymns

Just As I Am: Chord Charts, Sheet Music, Multitracks

by Don Chapman

This classic hymn, written by Charlotte Elliott in 1835, has touched countless lives with its message of hope, acceptance, and salvation through Jesus Christ. Now, with this fresh arrangement, you can bring the power of this hymn to your contemporary worship service.

The History Behind Just As I Am

Charlotte Elliott’s personal journey of faith and struggle inspired the creation of “Just As I Am.” Despite growing up in a Christian home and finding success as a poet, Elliott battled with feelings of uselessness and depression, especially after an illness left her disabled at 32. It was during this time that she encountered Swiss minister César Malan, who encouraged her to come to Christ just as she was. This simple yet profound message resonated with Elliott, leading her to pen the lyrics of “Just As I Am” as a heartfelt expression of her own experience of finding salvation and acceptance in Jesus.

A Worship Song in Disguise

While “Just As I Am” is traditionally considered a hymn, it possesses a unique quality that sets it apart – it speaks directly to the Lord, much like a contemporary worship song. This arrangement capitalizes on that aspect, presenting the hymn in a modern worship style that seamlessly blends with your favorite songs by popular churches and worship artists.

Download Sheet Music, Chord Charts and Multitracks for Just As I Am with a Worshiphymns Subscription

Ready to bring this transformative hymn to your contemporary service? With this new arrangement, you can introduce a new generation to the profound message of “Just As I Am” while providing a meaningful moment of worship for all. Access the sheet music, chord charts, and multitracks through a Worshiphymns.com subscription and start incorporating this powerful hymn into your worship planning today.

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